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The View from Main Street


WELCOME to our new and improved Bank of Zachary website, and to our new blog “The View from Main Street”. I hope that you will find our blog postings informative and refreshing.

The blog is named “The View from Main Street” for a couple of reasons. First, our office is actually located on Main Street in Zachary, Louisiana – has been for over 106 years, albeit in three different locations. The daily view from my office is, quite literally, from Main Street.

Main Street also denotes our attitude as well as our business model. Unlike those reckless financial behemoths who have brought so much devastation to our economy, the Bank of Zachary’s focus is not Wall Street (or Third Street, or Canal Street, for that matter). Our focus is Main Street USA. The “View” of this column is decidedly and unapologetically from America’s heartland.

Our home office is not located in some faraway city, but right here in Zachary. Bank of Zachary is part and parcel of the community, and we like it that way. We take seriously the designation “community bank”. It is not some marketing slogan – it is who we are.

At the Bank of Zachary, we treasure the relationships we have formed with our customers. We feel that the best way to build and nurture these relationships is through warm handshakes and face-to-face interaction, but the fast pace of the digital age sometimes renders our favored way of conducting business impossible. To meet the needs of our expanding customer base, we have upgraded our website to provide easy and convenient information and access, around the clock. From this electronic platform, “The View from Main Street” will bring you items of interest regarding community history, community events, the financial industry, and products and services.

We hope that you take advantage of the improved www.bankofzachary.com website, and I hope that you enjoy reading “The View from Main Street”. But please don’t be a stranger. We are right here on Main Street, ready and eager to serve your financial needs. Just like we’ve been doing for the last one hundred plus years.