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Archive for November, 2011

Small Business EVERY DAY!


American Express, a very large multinational Wall Street financial institution that took TARP bailout funds during the financial meltdown, sought to curry favor with Main Street by promoting the day after Black Friday as “Small Business Saturday”. While small businesses will take the publicity, thank you very much, a slick and cynical advertising campaign designed to bring attention to a huge financial conglomerate offers small comfort.

Politicians of all stripes love to sing the praises of small businesses as the nation’s economic engine, but then promote policies that erect labyrinthine obstacles for the entrepreneur to navigate. Government agencies pour out regulations and restrictions, then seek to tax whatever revenue the small business person produces. Small businesses can’t marshal the lobbying muscle to fight back against this anti-entrepreneur machine.

The salvation for small business comes from the people they serve. Consumers recognize that local businesses are more than neon sign sameness found in every city, on every interstate, at every intersection in America. Small businesses make up the unique fabric of vibrant communities, and they exist because they offer a better consumer experience.

So thanks, American Express, for looking down from the heights of Wall Street to notice small business one day of the year. Out here in the real world, we are living it every day.

Bank of Zachary Employees Make $4,000 Donation to Zachary Food Pantry


The employees of the Bank of Zachary have made a $4,000 donation to the Zachary Food Pantry. The donation was delivered to volunteer Roma Prejean at the Main Office of the Bank of Zachary on Wednesday, November 16.

The proceeds came from the sale of the Bank’s outdated computers. Employees were given the opportunity to purchase the older machines for $100 each. After hearing of shortages at the Food Pantry, Chief Financial Officer Larry Bellard suggested that the proceeds be donated to the volunteer agency.

Mrs. Prejean told the assembled bank employees that this is the single largest donation ever received by the Food Pantry. Donations of cash or non-perishable food items on behalf of the Zachary Food Pantry can be made at the Main Office of the Bank of Zachary, 4743 Main Street.